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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Turn Back The Hands of Time

Hormones tend to decrease with age. This causes irritability, loss of libido, lowered energy levels, and loss of interest in activities. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. But with advancements in the medical field introducing hormone replacement therapy, you can take control of your life starting today. We have qualified specialists who work with a patient-first approach to suggest the best hormone replacement therapy for your unique needs.
Reclaim your youth by optimizing your hormone levels. Look and feel younger, stronger, healthier, and happier than you have in years. We offer Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men, Bio-idenitcal Hormone Therapy for women, and Thyroid Hormone Optimization.

Benefits include….
✓  Increased energy and stamina.
✓  Increased libido.
✓  Better sexual performance.
✓  Firmer skin and hair.
✓  Improved sense of over all wellbeing.
✓  Improved mental clarity and performance.
Men and Women can both benefit greatly from HRT. Males experiencing decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, thinning of hair, insomnia, depression, and mood changes can benefit from HRT. Females that are experiencing decreased libido, loss of muscle tone, strength, or stamina, various postmenopausal symptoms can also benefit from HRT.
Hormone Optimization opens the doors to optimal health and living. This include increased energy, stamina, libido, strength, lean muscle, mental clarity, and an improved overall sense of happiness and wellbeing.
Every patient’s hormonal imbalance and treatment is specific to them, which make prices vary. Patients can expect to pay from $50 – $250 per month for packages. Optima Medical Members receive a 15% discount on all products and services.