Steven Abdelmalak

Anti-Aging Therapy

Regenerative Wellness at an Individual Level

When you feel like age is getting the better of you, consider coming to Optima Health & Wellness to reclaim your youth. We offer cosmetic treatment options and anti-aging medicines in a non-judgmental way to change how you look and feel. For that, our anti-aging specialists evaluate your skin type before deciding on suitable cosmetic injections and modes of treatment.

Regenerative Wellness at Your Cellular Level

As we age, so do the cells that keep us functioning and feeling our best. We have state of the art light beds, hyperbaric chambers, Ozone transfusion, Peptide Treatments, NAD+ infusions, IV therapeutics, supplements, and dietary elimination options to use in our arsenal. We help repair your body from the inside out to truly look and feel younger
Peptides are the “building blocks” from which many of our naturally occurring hormones are made. Many of these hormones help maintain good physical and mental health. As we age, important hormones such as Human Growth Hormone decline naturally. This leads to the appearance and feeling of “getting old”. We offer several peptide options to help naturally increase your growth hormone levels to help you look and feel younger and better than you thought possible.
Peptides can help you achieve bigger, stronger, leaner muscles, improved wound healing, a stronger immune system, healthier hair & nails, firmer skin, increased libido, and better sexual performance. Additional benefits are faster weight loss, increased metabolism, and improved overall sense of mental clarity.